• Pre-treatment System
  • Aeration Devices
  • Sand and Activated Carbon Filtration
  • Membrane Filtration – RO, UF, NF & MF
  • Demineralisation (DM) Plant
  • Softener Plant
  • Water Disinfection-Ozonation/Ultraviolet/Chlorination
  • Effluent Treatment / Recycling Plant
  • Sewage Treatment / Recycling Plant
  • Membrane Filtration / Desalination
  • Water Disinfection-Ozonation/Ultraviolet/Chlorination
  • Waste to renewable energy system
  • Solid, Liquid separation system
  • Plant Automation
  • Process Automation
  • Research & Development
  • Energy Auditing/Training
  • Plant/Process/P&I Audit Trainings
  • Water Balance Audit Trainings
  • Training on conservation of Natural resources, environmental friendly policies
Revamping of existing Water Treatment Plants

We deploy cutting-edge solutions for the revamping of existing Water Treatment Plants in order to improve their efficiency and lower the plant maintenance costs. Our specialists provide customized solutions taking into account the available resources of the Plant.  Proven competencies and technical skills of our team, lead us to promptly offer precise solutions to our customers’ needs, always considering that plant functionality, quality, reliability and safety are paramount targets and our Company strives to provide the Customer the plant best performances. 

Operations & Maintenance

Every organization today is striving to achieve minimum operating costs and build a cost-effective strategy through lean operations. However, maintenance has become a pain in the neck for many manufacturing organizations. So, why not leave it to the experts? We take complete ownership of plant maintenance services including the Labour requirements, where the challenge is not just to cut cost, but to drive value into the manufacturing process by increasing key production metrics such as uptime and reliability. 

  • Solar power plants & Illumination Street Lights
  • Solar water based pumps, solar water heating system - for commercial pools &cooking.
  • Solar Based Filtration & Disinfection System
  • Wind Based Filtration & Disinfection System (Depends on Wind Velocity)
  • Grid Connected Power using Solar & Wind for Commercial & Residential Buildings